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Race of the Week

In what many are calling “the biggest missed opportunity for getting lots of likes in 2021,” Grant Fisher has yet to post a picture on his Instagram of this flashy victory. But it’s not a complete PR disaster (not that type) because since launching his new podcast, THE HALFSTEP POD, which will give a behind the scenes look of his career, he has posted a 27:11 10k and a big 5k W. Before you listen to it looking for training advice, may I first suggest being more talented.

Happy International Women’s Day

On Monday, newsfeeds were full of athletes celebrating the women in their lives. From a brand standpoint, we were impressed by the program/activation from Oiselle titled, Bras for Girls. It went over better than Burger King’s attempt. While I have you, it’s time for the heptathlon and NCAA XC meet (6k!?) to enter 2021.

Is this the Tweet of the Week?

Wait, what? The 2008 Olympic gold medalist and 3:26 1500 man, Asbel Kiprop, continues to be one of the more interesting follows. He continues to claim innocence, but there are still a couple more years left on his competition ban.

Thought experiment: Imagine if he was telling the truth!

Is 5 miles enough to change anything? 🤔

The 2018 Boston Marathon slash people’s champion is going to go for an extra long cool down and will probably break some more records along the way [no pressure]. Considering her marathon best is 2:22:38 (5:26/mi) then she just needs to close the last 8k in 45 minutes to come in under 3:07:20. I’m willing to bet a bottle of bourbon on the under.

The perfect bad race gram 💩

Coming off a 30:58 10k that just narrowly missed the Scottish national record currently held by her mom/coach, Eilish went for it big time in the Sound Running Invite 5k. Unfortunately it didn’t go as she planned, yet her post-race caption was a breath of fresh air. A distance runner without an excuse? We’ve entered the Twilight Zone…

This would make a good Jeopardy! question

If you’re anything like Oregon, you may be busy with other things right now. But let this serve as a reminder that the D1 NCAA XC Champs is still going down on Monday, March 15th streamed on ESPNU starting at 12:30pm EST. This has been a dream season for milers who hate disappointing their teammates.

Now this is a BRAVE article 💪

Scott Fauble of 2:09 marathon and burrito fame has entered the chat. This article does a good job of balancing good ideas, angst and passion when it comes to super shoe debate. It’s important to remember that everyone who hates the tech upgrade is mostly angry due to an insecurity about their own times. 

Are these the best reels in T&F?

Have I been living under a rock? I only just discovered how good Kori Carter, the 2017 400MH World Champ, is at Instagram reels. She has it figured out — The Jumpman kit reveal is my personal favorite, but that’s because I wish MJ would sponsor me.

Could maybe hang for the first rep 💀

We knew Molly Seidel is fit coming off of a 68 min half-marathon in Atlanta with humidity so thicc that it would be tough to see your feet through the haze. The casualty of her reporting a 3 x 3 mile workout @ 5:17 pace is a good reminder of just how elite the elite marathoners are. Also, the biggest regret of my athletic career was never finding a beer sponsor — Would’ve saved some money!

👍 👍

‘Toruń or not Toruń, that is the question!’ -European athletes who live in the US (most said not)

It was the Jakob show in Poland as he took double gold in the 1500 & 3k despite a momentary DQ that left Ingebrigtsen fans holding their breath. But the breakout star across the pond this winter was 19-year old Keely Hodgkinson who backed up her 1:59.03 European indoor record with a victory for the UK. Does her form remind you of Ajee Wilson’s? That’s a high compliment IMO! (Race Video)

It’s going to feel like a Rio morning session

This comes as no surprise, but it looks like my Olympic dream of getting a reservation at Sukiyabashi Jiro has also been canceled. 🍣

Some personal news 📚

My mom is very excited about Malcolm Gladwell retweeting me. Wait until she hears about the weekly newsletter I started!